Eoghan Neff

Eoghan Neff is an experimental Irish fiddle-player, composer and researcher. He continues to tour and record internationally as well as collaborate on various fusion and multimedia projects that include anything from electroacoustic free-improvisation collectives to Hollywood and European art-house film productions. Among many more accolades, he has toured extensively with Riverdance and the Anxo Lorenzo Band; recorded with the London Metropolitan Orchestra and Torrek; featured on the soundtracks of Cannes Festival winner Hrútar and Oscar-winner Kevin Macdonald’s feature The Eagle; and produced many notable compositions synced to various television series, theatrical productions and films – such as the now half-million YouTube hit instrumental piece Return of the Eagle together with Atli Örvarsson.

Eoghan Neff 3ó

Eoghan Neff 3ó is an eclectic trio of virtuosic explorer musicians from around the Irish coast led by "extreme fiddling" maestro Eoghan Neff from Cork. Celebrated as “a pinnacle of acoustic music”, incendiary lines spontaneously erupt over a symphony of impossible acoustic fiddle sounds that are layered and looped live; further blended with inimitable bass grooves by Alan Pentony from Limerick; and interfused with pristine vocals and lilting beats by “may be the finest drummer ever produced here”, Sean Carpio from Dublin. With a string of awards and accolades from international stage, screen and studio collaborations, this unique trio is well and truly “a step beyond”.

The Wild Atlantic Ensemble

A special generation of explorer musicians and composers perched upon the peninsulas and islands of the Old World and New World alike, overlooking the same powerful Wild Atlantic with a limitless will to take their skills and artistry that one step beyond. Led by "extreme fiddling" maestro Eoghan Neff, each assembly of this evolving multi-feature programme provides an extremely varied and yet wholesome bill of solo, trio, and band formations to guarantee your perfect blend of beyond-belief avant-folk.