TORREK fuses Irish and Icelandic folk elements under the umbrella of cinematic electronica. It brings together two sets of siblings from the outlands of the Old World: Eoghan & Flaithrí Neff deliver “extreme fiddling, a pinnacle of acoustic music”, with “virtuoso playing” on pipes and whistles “nothing short of genius"; while Atli Örvarsson & Hilda Örvarsdótirr infuse cinematic scoring “above pretty much anything written by anyone” togehter with a voice of “cut-glass tones … of innocence and purity”.
This is a band who between them have toured the globe with the largest of stage productions and whose work can be heard throughout the most significant of contemporary cinema. Fittingly, their genesis was a recording session at the famed British Grove Studios as part of Atli’s score to Oscar-winning director Kevin Macdonald’s “The Eagle”. This "outstanding score" has already garnered a cult status, having spawned over one million YouTube views already. The stellar ensemble has been a slow-burning tour de force, evolving through recording sessions and concerts in LA, Cork, Madrid and Akureyri. They perform as a five-piece with renowned guest percussionist and tabla player Satnam Ramgotra.

Torrek Studio Rehearsals (photos by Daníel Starrason)



Hilda Örvarsdóttir (Vocals)
Eoghan Neff (Fiddles)
Flaithri Neff (Uilleann Pipes & Whistles)
Atli Örvarsson (Keyboards & Accordion)